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Welcome to my blog

I’m hoping that this blog can become a source of information for the parents whose kids are starting the Beyond Academics program at UNCG in August, 2013.  If this turns out to be somewnat useful, the possibility exists of creating a similar Facebook page where all of the parents involved in orientation this week could come and share information.  For now, I will make this page available from my Facebook profile so others can read about our view of the program.


Routes 71 and 73 for the students in off-campus housing

These 2 bus routes seem to be of the most use for UNCG. Maps and schedules are available via both links.

Route 73 looks to be the best commuter bus during the week. The more direct route for those in University Village seems to be the afternoon run back TO the apartments.

Route 71 looks like a shopping and recreation route between colleges, for the weekends.

Orientation, June 20 and 21

Before Justin and his mom left for Greensboro Thursday, our biggest worry was that he wouldn’t find accommodations that would suit us.

But Thursday, an amazing thing happened.  Justin got to the orientation and started hitting it off with 2 other guys starting the program, Jamari and Omar.  By late afternoon already, they had decided that they wanted to be roommates and share part of a 4-bedroom apartment.

So by the time I arrived Friday morning, the picture seemed clear to be me.  In his first semester away from home, Justin would feel too lonely in his own place, which could also be further from the college and with no one he had ever met before nearby.

We signed him up for a lease by 5 PM, and he immediately wanted to let the other guys know.  So, that quickly, Justin has his own bedroom and bathroom in a 4-bedroom apartment with common kitchen and living area, and a real excitement that he is now joining a program with other kids that he now knows a bit.

Orientation was just a wonderful session of kids meeting kids and parents meeting parents in the same situation with their children off to Greensboro, mostly for the first time away from home, in just under 8 weeks for now.  We found out that there are other parents in Raleigh and Apex, as well as near Charlotte and in Rocky Mount, who were interested in mingling to help their kids become more familiar with others as well.  I think some new friendships were created from those conversations.